Social Distancing In The Lifts Of The Kuala Lumpur Court Complex

Circular No: 076/2022
Date: 21 June 2022

Dear Members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar,

We understand that members are experiencing difficulties whilst using the Kuala Lumpur Courts lifts, specifically in the mornings, due to the restriction on the number of people who may enter the lift.

We have requested that the Court consider removing signages imposing social distancing in the lifts as the latest standard operating procedures no longer contain such requirements. Therefore, the lifts can accommodate more users during peak periods as per its normal capacity.

We are pleased to inform members that the Courts have since removed the signages in the lifts. Be that as it may, whilst there may not be a requirement to practice social distancing whilst using the lifts in the Kuala Lumpur Courts, members are reminded to always wear a mask at the Kuala Lumpur Court premises.

Vivekananda Sukumaran
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee
Nimalan Devaraja
Lim Yin Faye
Civil Practice & Court Liaison Committee

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