Below is the list of services and facilities that is available. They are as follows:-

  • Bar Room Facilities
  • KL Bar Auditorium
  • KL Bar Meeting Room

Bar Room Facilities

  • *eLaw – Online Legal Research Databases
    • Register with personnel in charge of the Bar Room (“PIC”) at the Counter to request for access for to the Database
    • The PIC will then sign you in to the Database
    • You will have a limit of 30 Minutes to use the Database (unless there is no queue, the time may be extended)
    • Any printing done will be charged at the usual rate for printing (enquire with PIC)
  • Law Reports and Textbooks (Complimentary but Rules and Regulations apply.)
  • Water Dispenser (Complimentary)
  • **Computers (Rules and Regulations apply.)
    • RM4.00 for every half an hour use (Free for first 20 minutes)
  • WiFi (Complimentary but computer usage charges applicable if using Bar Room computers)
  • **Photocopying/Printing*
    • 30 sen per page/print (B/W)A4
    • 60 sen per page/print (B/W) A3
    • RM2.00 per page/print (Coloured)
    • RM4.00 per page/print (Coloured) A3
      *Computer usage charges applicable
  • **Scanning
    • 30 sen per single page (PDF file format)
    • Save to own CD/pendrive – no charge
    • Save to CD provided by KLBC – RM5.00 per CD/ RM10.00 per DVD
  • **Temporary Rental of Robes, Jackets, Bibs, Collar/Bands, White Shirt and Ties
    • Robe : Rental – RM12 per day, Deposit – RM50.00
    • Other Items : Rental – RM7.00 per item per day, Deposit – RM20.00 per item
      (Please return the item by 4:30pm on the same day. Failure to adhere to the previous term will result in extra charges
      being imposed calculated on a daily basis as set out above.)
    • Click here to book online
  • **Facsimile Services
    • Incoming only – 30 sen per page

**Registration is necessary for accounting purposes. Please see person-in-charge in the Bar Room for assistance.

Personal belongings left unattended on the tables and chairs in the Bar Room shall be removed by the Bar Room staff. The Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal belongings left unattended.

Click here for the Terms & Conditions.

Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee




Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee
+603 2693 1440
Unit 4.02, Level 4
Wisma Badan Peguam Malaysia*
No. 2, Leboh Pasar Besar
50000 Kuala Lumpur