Sexual Harassment In The Workplace [Law Firms] Survey 2019
The Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (“KLBC”) is stepping up its efforts to address sexual harassment in the legal profession. We see this as part and parcel of our on-going efforts to improve the general welfare of all members.
The KLBC through its Gender Equality & Diversity Committee would like to ascertain how prevalent sexual harassment is in the workplace and whether employers are addressing sexual harassment complaints formally and adequately.
We hope to be able to offer support to both employers and employees. In order to do this effectively, we have prepared a Survey for the purposes of information gathering.

This Survey is open to both men and women who are in active legal practice in Kuala Lumpur.

Your participation in the Survey will help us assess the situation on the ground and where law firms can improve and how we can provide better support in reducing workplace sexual harassment.

Click here to take part in the Survey.
Thank you.


Sharmila Ravindran
Gender Equality & Diversity Committee

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