Date: 25.10.2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: Bilik Gerakan, 2nd Floor, Pejabat Daerah Petaling

Biometric @ SELAMAT System

Upon implementation, the owner of the property (transferor) is to personally go to the PTD Petaling to register his thumb print and he will be issued a ‘Biometric Certificate’ which is to be included in the Form 14A.

The system also records the particulars of the PTD officers involved in the registration process as all process and person processing the transaction will be recorded by the system automatically.

Click here for the copy of the presentation on the system.

Issues raised and discussed:

1.0 Lack of warning on the implementation of the system
Most of the representatives raised the issue of lack of warning to the end users/stakeholder of such system being implemented by the PTD Petaling. Stakeholders should be called for discussions to get feedback from all relevant parties. Any system should also go through a trial/cooling period to enable it to function properly and to enable it be upgraded and updated accordingly before being fully implemented.

The District Officer (DO) stated that the system is currently on trial basis and has not been approved by the Selangor State Government.

2.0 Owner/transferor to register in person
There are a lot of concerns on this new system as there are situations where the owner is overseas and unable to attend in person to the PTD Petaling. It is also against the National Land Code where the owner may use either thumb print or signature.

The DO agreed that current and present procedures can override the Biometric System, depending on the nature and it is on a case to case basis. The PTD hopes that the Biometric system can be implemented as a security measures for fraud cases.

3.0 Biometric Certificate
Currently the certificate has no time limit. The PTD Petaling agreed that it may cause problems in the future. A time limit will be set after the approval from the Selangor State Government.

4.0 Administrative Letter by PTD Petaling
The ADO apologised on her letter that was circulated. It was meant to be an administrative letter to the customer informing of the biometric system and not as a circular. It might have been interpreted wrongly.

The DO agreed to issue a circular to the Bar Council that the Biometric System is currently on a trial run and on a voluntary basis. Land owners may use the new system or the present one.

Reported by Norhayati Bt Rahmad, EO for the KLBar Conveyancing Practice Committee, edited by KL Bar Publications Committee.

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