The meeting was chaired by Datuk Mohammad Sait bin Ahmad, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah (Operasi Percukaian) whilst the Bar Council was led by Tuan Haji Abdul Murad Bin Che Chik.

Salient issues discussed during the meeting:

1.0 Time frame for Stamp Duty Endorsement (for Transfer and Charge Documents)

  • Manual application – 3 days
  • Online application – same day

2.0 Online Notice to pay stamp duty
There was an issue that the instrument of transfer had been adjudicated but the notice to pay stamp duty was not updated simultaneously online. The Stamp Duty Office agreed to take note on the matter.

3.0 Procedures of adjudicate Charge Documents
Some lawyers are still vague on the procedures involved. LHDN agreed to conduct another briefing session for lawyers on Loan Adjudication.

4.0 10-page limit on the security document for stamping
LHDN clarified that there is no limit for stamping but documents must not exceed 2Mb.

5.0 Manual Stamping to continue
LHDN informed that they still continue to operate stamping manually as well as online. Lawyers may also use the provided scanner and internet at the Stamp Office.

6.0 Passport No and ID area
The Bar Council requested that the Stamp Office incorporate passport numbers at the ID area and apply it where applicable. For the Foreign Passport/ID area, the current practice is manual amendments. If there was a failure to amend and endorse, the Land Office would refuse to accept it. LHDN will implement and try out a new system to counter this problem.

7.0 Online Stamp Duty Assessment
The issuance of notice is taking longer than the manual process. It actually depends on which LHDN office lawyers proceed with.

LHDN had wanted to reduce the concentrated area at the counters hence they encouraged it to be done online.

Detailed minutes of the meeting will follow soon by the Bar Council Conveyancing Practice Committee.

Reported by Syahizan Amir Bin Abdul Wahab, Member of KL Bar Conveyancing Practice Committee, edited by KL Bar Publication Committee.

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