Yap Wai Kit

Born on 8 September 1965 to the couple of Mr Yap Jee Fatt and Madam Chin Swee Chee in Kuala Lumpur, Yap Wai Kit or better known as Kit to his family and close friends, had always wanted to be a lawyer. His journey started when he enrolled himself in North London University (formerly known as Polytechnic of North London) and soon after graduated with a LL.B Honours.

Kit decided to challenge himself into setting up his own practice, hence, the birth of his baby, Messrs W K Yap & Co. in the year 2006.

Kit met his wife, Angie in the year 1985, and after years of romance, they decided to tie the knot in 1990. Their marriage was blessed with a bundle of joy, the adorable baby boy Kieron Yap, who brought happiness and completed Kit and Angie’s life.

Kit was a man of high integrity and honesty. A decent, generous man, he loves travelling and reading and never stopped to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. He was a loving husband and father, and more importantly, a responsible man.

It therefore should not be a surprise why he was such an interesting company and popular with all who knew him. Even those who have known him for a long time would not be bored thanks to his constantly fresh anecdotes and alternative points of view, always with a humorous twist. You knew you could always have a ‘good conversation’ with Kit.

Kit was a man of great charisma, jovial, friendly and ever ready to help anyone at all times. He had put everyone in his life before himself and had touched many hearts. He had never expected any recognition in return and will always be remembered and treasured. He was adored by his loved ones, his staff and people who knew him well.

He found his strength in God, especially when his health was severely deteriorating. He found solace in his wife Angie and son, Kieron who had always stood steadfastly by his side until his final day. Kit is survived by his wife, son and 3 beautiful dogs that he adored so much.

Life was too short for Kit. He left without much as a goodbye. Kit’s passing made his family realise his good deeds, and how they should learn from it. That they should treat and respect people nicely, and love those who are important and care for them as it is not easy to find love in this world.

Kit, Angie’s husband of 21 years left without so much as a goodbye … when she was having lunch at home the day after Kit’s passing, she sat at the table for a long time with tears streaming down her face. It dawned on her that she would never have her husband sit beside her again … moments like this should make us all think and reflect on how we should treat and respect people … or even have the intention of getting even with them … life is too short … Kit’s passing was a reminder that we should let the smaller moments slide and treasure the relationship that we have.

In the end, it’s the small things that one remembers. Little imperfections that made him perfect for you. It’s my prayer that everyone would find someone as beautifully imperfect as Kit was to me.

My message to Kit:

May God bless your soul. Rest in peace my dear. My tears will never dry …

Written By,
Angie Wong