Wan Azlan bin Tan Sri Dato’ Wan Adnan

It is impossible, especially on this occasion of irreparable personal loss and sorrow to summarise the life philosophy, talents and accomplishments of my late brother Wan Azlan. Please bear with me in this flawed attempt at covering the many aspects and attributes of this wonderful and profound man, who so personally touched our hearts and our minds. His has been a most valuable, rich, and wonderful life.

Wan Azlan was born in Kuala Terengganu on 10 December 1972 to the late Tan Sri Dato’ Wan Adnan’s family who himself was a well-known figure in the legal and judicial community. As a young child often accompanying his father to work, Wan Azlan developed an eye for, and eventually became a practising lawyer.

In July 1995, Wan Azlan followed in his father’s footsteps to be a great lawyer, and obtained a law degree at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Thereafter, in order to continue his legal career in Malaysia, he pursued and obtained his Certificate in Legal Practice with 2nd Class Upper in December 1996, which at that time only a few managed to get that achievement.

He then went to serve his pupillage in the chambers of Mr. Ranjit Singh s/o Harbinder Singh at Messrs. Cheang & Ariff from January to September 1997. After nine months of intensive chambering in every aspect of legal practice, he was called to the Malaysian Bar on 13 November 1997. Immediately thereafter, he started his legal career at the Bar as a Legal Assistant at Messrs. Shook Lin & Bok from 1998 till 2000.

Wan Azlan was an ambitious, independent and foresighted person and he always knew that in order to be a great practitioner at the Bar, he must have his own practice. Therefore in 2000, he set up his own practice in Kuala Lumpur under the name of Messrs. Azlan & Loh. He was mainly involved in contentious matters and he loved litigation work. Wan Azlan had a rich and exemplary life, cemented with deep faith in God, hard work and remarkable talents.

He was very bright, interested in politics and history, and had many interests. He loved travelling, reading, doing charitable work and also enjoyed spending time conversing with his family. Those in need around him could count on Wan Azlan at any time, day or night, notwithstanding distances, time zones, or his many other pressing engagements.

He was known to his family, friends and colleagues as a man who loved a good laugh, kind, gentle, generous, friendly and always ready to provide a helping hand. He was also a generous source of advice, of teaching, of practical help to his family and friends.

Wan Azlan passed away on 27 April 2003 and was buried beside his beloved father at Kiara Burial Park.

Wan Azlan is survived by his younger brother, Wan Azrain and younger sister, Wan Azliana. May his soul rest in peace – Al Fatihah.

Written By,
Wan Azliana bt Tan Sri Dato’ Wan Adnan