S. Selvanathan a/l Selvaduray

The late S. Selvanathan, a Barrister-at-Law of the Middle Temple was called to the Malaysian Bar on 17 June 1971.

He started his career at the Bar as a Legal Assistant with the firm of Stanley Ponniah Ng & Soo in Seremban before moving on to Johor Bahru where he practised with Keith Sellar Tennakoon & Pillay before setting up his own practice in Johor Bahru.

In 1980, Selva moved to Kuala Lumpur and was attached to Tunku Zuhri Manan & Abdullah before moving to Thevin Chandran & Associates where he was a partner at the time of his passing away.

Selva was an involved and dedicated member of the Bar. He attended all Bar functions and gatherings. He was vociferous at AGMs and EGMs and did not mince words or hide his feelings when allowed to voice his views. He was notorious for his cutting comments and biting words.

Many will recollect Selva’s valiant stand for the Doberman “Le Roc” which was to be put down because it had attacked an old lady. He applied for an injunction to injunct the putting away of the poor animal.

Selva passed away a few days after his 67th birthday leaving behind his beloved wife, Thana Sinnathamby.

Selva was a gregarious man who loved life and had his fair share of the good times. May his soul rest in peace.

Written By,
S. Thanaluckumy