Narayanan Sanguni Nair

The late Narayanan who is survived by his wife, Madam Padma Narayanan and his son, Krishna, was born on 3 July 1928 in Seremban. He had his early schooling at King George V Seremban. Narayanan qualified as a normal trained Teacher and after a stint of teaching, he then worked with the Ministry of Labour. He took up Law in 1964 and was called to the English Bar in June 1967. His achievements and accomplishments were many as can be seen below.

1949 – 1956   Teacher

1952 – 1956   National Union of Teachers: N.S. Branch Secretary and member National Executive Committee

1956 – 1967   Ministry of Labour (Law Enforcement/Conciliation)

1967 – 1969   Industrial Relations Officer, ICI Group

1969 – 1972   Council Member, Malaysian Employers Federation

1969 – 1976   Group Personnel Manager, ICI Group

1977 – 1983   Personnel Director & Group Company Secretary
ICI Group of Companies in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

1978 – 1983   Chairman, Industrial Relations Panel (MEF)

1978 – 1986   Member, National Labour Advisory Council

1984 – 1986   Executive Director, Malaysian Employers Federation

1984 – 1987   Substitute Member of Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation, Geneva

1978 – 1986   Panel Member, Industrial Court

1986 – 1987   Member, SOCSO Appeal Board

International Involvement:

Malaysia’s Employer Delegate to the International Labour Conference, Geneva in 1981 and 1982 and Employer Adviser in 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986.

1983 – 1986   A member of the ILO Committee on Structure

1984 – 1986   Employer Vice Chairman of the ILO Committee on Apartheid

1984 – 1986   Member, Executive Committee, International Organisation of Employers (IOE)

1987                Executive Committee Member, International Society for Labour Law and Social Security

The late Narayanan was also socially conscious and was very much involved in the Indian Associations of Malacca, Raub and Seremban. He was one of the prime movers in the setting up of the Malaysian Hindu Sangam. On the spiritual front he was the driving force behind the Theosophical Society in Malaysia and was the Presidential Agent of the Theosophical Society in Malaysia from 1978 to 1992.

Narayanan, after his contributions to the employees and the employers in Malaysia, finally joined the firm of Murali B. Pillai And Associates until his untimely demise on 5 June 1992.

He is and will be missed by his family and friends.

Written By,
Murali B Pillai