Mohd Azizan Bin Kamaruddin

Warmth at first meet. That was what he offered to anyone from various walks of life who crossed paths with him. A gentleman

with a big heart and the kindest soul. A family man who placed his family above everything else. A polite, funny, and caring friend, a hardworking colleague, and the list could go endlessly. Therefore, it is unsurprising that he left footprints in our hearts, empty holes that can never be replaced when he left.

We first met during our LL.B (Hons) programme in UiTM, Shah Alam circa 2006. We and a few others clicked right from the beginning sharing interests in sports, food, singing and cars among others. Zizan as he was fondly known, has always been the orderly one with white crisp ironed shirt and neatly styled hair from dawn till dust. The one who was calmed at all times, even in trying situations during our university days. He was a bright and resourceful student, never giving up easily. No matter how busy he was, he would always make time for others. That was the person that he was.

This continued during our chambering days. I remembered Zizan’s enthusiasm at the prospect of learning new things and experiencing all that chambering has to offer, from the biggest tasks to the most trivial tasks, completing them like a champ. Thereafter, he went on to pursue a career in the legal profession.

As life took its course in taking us in different directions, I am glad we kept in touch. Meeting once in a while, mostly during festive seasons and our children’s birthdays. When we gathered it was as though time stood still. We kept on picking up where we left off and remained the same group of friends, we were all those years ago except with more life experiences.

We left off thinking that there will always be a next time but that was not meant to be. There will be no more next time with Zizan. We took life for granted. The news of Zizan’s passing hit like a rock. It was a dreadful pill to swallow. Even at present, the wound is still raw and to write about him in the past tense is heartbreaking. However, I on behalf of our friends, muster up the courage to share our wonderful memories with Mohd Azizan Kamaruddin in hope that his loving wife Ailin, family and especially his two adorable young children Zara and Ziyad would be at ease knowing that his friends, their beloved was an amazing person in his lifetime and may his legacy continuously live through his children. Thank you for bestowing us the privilege of being your friend Zizan. You are irreplaceable. Rest well, dear friend. Al-Fatihah.

Written By,
Family and Friends of Mohd Azizan Kamaruddin