Loo Yoon Choy

I have known the late Loo Yoon Choy, since our college days in the late 1980s.

Loo herald from very humble beginnings and achieve great success in life including owning his own law firm, WK Yap Loo & Co in heart of Kuala Lumpur in his own premises.

He was always very passionate about human rights issues in Malaysia, hence his involvement in the DAP political party activities in his early days.

I always found Loo to be very caring, helpful, and cheerful. He was a very hard-working person.

I distinctly remember today, when he graciously assisted me when we were college mates with his study material which greatly assisted in my law studies. I would always be eternally grateful for his kind deeds toward me during my difficult student days.

Loo always had an entrepreneurial streak in him and ventured to open his own law firm at Kampung Pandan in the early 1990s against all odds. I briefly worked with him as part of my sabbatical before being admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. Loo also had a very strong fighting spirit in whatever litigations that he had carriage of and was very vocal.

In early 2021, as part of a nostalgia, I appeared alongside Loo in an Industrial Court matter in Kuala Lumpur, after I returned to Malaysia after 23 years in overseas as a corporate lawyer. Loo was championing the rights of a wrongfully terminated employee on a pro bono basis.

Loo was also a very loving husband and caring father to three children. I was fortunate enough to spend time with him and his family prior to his untimely demise upon my return from overseas. Loo met his wife to be Wong Poh Leng during their law studies and both of them were my college mate. They were a doting couple and worked very well together in their legal firm.

We are extremely saddened by the untimely passing of a beloved husband, caring father and loyal friend on the 4 October 2021 whom will be deeply missed.

Loo did not complain about the card that was drawn for him by life but played the drawn card well to achieve success. Life is a perpetual journey and Loo certainly had a great journey that was cut short.

Goodbye Loo. Rest in eternal peace. God Bless.

Written By,
J.K Balasubramaniam