Hew Kuen Yee

Hew Kuen Yee was born and raised in Ipoh. She was the second in a family of four. After her secondary education, she attained her first job as a secretary in an accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur. After a number of years she moved on to Arthur Anderson to be the personal secretary for one of the partners. During this tenure she began her law studies having developed an interest in the legal profession. It had not been easy for her to juggle a full time job and to read law. However, being a determined and focused person, she persevered and worked her way to complete her law studies and graduated with Honours from the University of London.

Thus began a new chapter when she joined the legal profession. A meticulous, careful and pleasant person, Kuen Yee developed good rapport with her many clients, fellow colleagues and bosses.  As a practising lawyer she served in CS Tang & Co for many years rising up to the position of senior lawyer. As a friend, Kuen Yee was loyal, faithful and always willing to lend a helping hand to all in need.

She was very much the ‘big’ sister to all her siblings, taking close interest and caring for all of their well-being. A dog lover, she spent most of her leisure time looking after her beloved Golden Retriever. Besides that she enjoyed traveling with her many good friends and classmates she has kept in touch with since her school days.

It came as a shock when illness struck her in November 2015. She valiantly put up a good fight and was positively looking to return to work soonest. Alas, it was not to be and she passed away peacefully on 2 August 2016 surrounded by her closest family and friends. Kuen Yee had touched many hearts and will always be remembered by those who knew and loved her.

Written By,
Hew Kuen Yen (Sister)