Ganesan Govindasamy

Mr. G. Ganesan, a partner with Messrs G.S. MANI GANESH, passed away suddenly at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya on 26 November 2008 at the age of 66. His sudden demise was a great shock and loss to his family, friends and all those who had come to know him during his many years in the Government Service and Legal Practice.

Mr. G. Ganesan who was in charge of the Kuala Lumpur Branch of Messrs G.S. MANI GANESH, Brickfields, leaves behind his wife and four children.

He began his career as an Administrative Officer in University Malaya and later became a tutor in the same University. In 1974, he joined the Administrative and Diplomatic Service of the Malaysian Government, where he served till June 1994.

During his years of service with the Government, he held positions with the Ministry of Primary Industries, Ministry of Defence and the Public Service Department. He had also been a member of the Malaysian Delegation to a number of International Conferences.

I had the great pleasure of having personally known Mr. G. Ganesan since 1972, from the days we were studying at University Malaya and residing at the PPN hostel in Jalan Barat, Petaling Jaya. Our association continued during our years in the Government Service and when we were pursuing the Law Degree and finally in Legal Practice.

Mr. G. Ganesan was a person who truly valued education and had great passion for knowledge. Being of humble origin, his determination to improve himself and his family led him to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree at University Malaya. He then went on to obtain Masters in Public Administration Degree. After which he proceeded to the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom to obtain a Diploma in Management. He then decided to switch track to pursue a Law Degree. Through sheer determination, he was conferred a Bachelor and thereon Masters in Law Degree by the University of London.

In 1994, Mr. G. Ganesan retired from the Government Service and in April 1995 he was admitted to the Malaysian Bar. He then began his second career by joining his brother’s law firm of Messrs G.S. MANI & CO., Klang and later became a partner in the firm.

As an Advocate and Solicitor he was an active litigator in both civil and criminal matters. His strong academic credence and varied experience enabled him to quickly adapt to Court work and thrive in the new environment. He had sound knowledge of the law over a wide area of specialisation. He was also a member of the Malaysian Institute of Arbitrators.

In all the years I had known Mr. G. Ganesan, I remember him as a very humble and simple person. I have never seen him ever losing his temper or even raising his voice. Those who know him will always remember him as a very likeable, kind, helpful and honest person. The sad part of his mild mannerism is that he sometimes goes unnoticed.

As an Advocate and Solicitor his integrity is beyond reproach. His sense of duty to the Court and clients cannot be questioned. He had a deep sense of commitment towards his clients and sought tirelessly to advance their causes.

All those who knew Mr. G. Ganesan will sadly miss him.

Let me on behalf of all of them convey our deepest sorrow and sense of loss to his wife, children and all other members of his family.

Written By,
Saravanan Narayanasamy