Dulip Singh

Mr Dulip Singh who was born on 17 March 1937. He believed as well as practised a way of life which to many of us may seem quite eccentric but yet was full of inspiration. His early childhood was spent in Seremban, his place of birth where he strove with determination to break away from the chains of poverty. He completed his education up to the Sixth Form while working part time before landing a job as a Court Interpreter. He was later posted to the Muar Magistrate’s Court as a full time Court Interpreter. It was while working in the Magistrate’s Court as an Interpreter that Mr Dulip Singh found himself drawn to the study of law.

It was under the guidance of Mr Sachinathan, a former Industrial Court President, that Mr Dulip Singh succeeded in completing the first part of his Barristership. However, he had to apply for a government scholarship as he was not well to do and studied part time in the evenings. He was finally awarded a government scholarship in 1966. He made his family proud when he was called to the Bar of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London. His determination to become part of this noble profession was not one driven by monetary purposes, it was to help his family, friends and the many who since then crossed his path.

His talents and personality were recognised when he was appointed a Magistrate upon his return home to Malaysia. After a brief period of service, my noble friend decided that he could only best fulfill his true ambition of helping those in need by going into private practice. He was an active practitioner until his untimely death on 3 May 1998.

Looking back at his work as a Barrister, I am filled with joy and pride to say the least. Mr Dulip Singh had inspired many friends and relatives to pursue this noble and excellent profession. It was such dedication to the profession that led him to be elected as Chairman of the Selangor Bar Committee.

Mr Dulip Singh was respected by many of the senior Judges, Court staff, and his peers. I use the words of Mr Bern William’s to describe Mr Dulip Singh’s friendship. I quote, “A friend is a lot of things, but a critic he isn’t”. He thus had many friends from all walks of life and being one to never turn one away with an empty hand left him with an abundance of admirers who dearly miss him until this day. This best describes his friendships which won him a great deal of respect, love and honour throughout his 27 odd years as a lawyer.

Written By,
Ajit Singh Muker