Meeting With The PPTG WPKL

Circular No: 133/2023
Date: 22 September 2023

Dear Members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar,

On 10 August 2023, the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee Corporate & Conveyancing Practice Committee (“KLBC CCPC”) held a meeting with the Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur Lands and Mines Office (“PPTG WPKL”) to discuss the recent feedback raised by the members pertaining to the PPTG WPKL.

The PPTG WPKL was represented by Tuan Kamarozaman Bin Hanipah, Ketua Penolong Pengarah, Pendaftaran Hakmilik, Tuan Amzar Hafifi Bin Abd Ghofur, Penolong Pengarah, Pendaftaran Hakmilik, Tuan Ahmad Nazri Bin Md Nasir, Penolong Pengarah, Pengurusan Tanah, Pembangunan Tanah. The KLBC CCPC was represented by its Chairperson, Alden Yeoh Shuen Chun, Co-Deputy Chairperson, Richard Teh and members, Irene Tan Ean Chieen and Olivia Ow Hui Ching.

We hereby set out below a brief summary of the matters discussed during the said meeting:-

Long Queue / Long Waiting Time
Representatives of the PPTG WPKL clarified that given the rise in the volume of presentations at the PPTG WPKL, there are days where the number of queue numbers issued exceed the maximum capacity / presentation load that the PPTG WPKL can handle daily.

Queue numbers are given on a “first-come, first-served” basis. If a queue number is not called by 3:45pm then the number is automatically cancelled by PTGWP.

To ensure no monopoly of queue numbers, PPTG WPKL has implemented a system whereby a runner from a firm will only be allowed to take 3 queue numbers to conduct their dealings at any one time only. Members and/or runners who have obtained the queue number may check the current number being called by accessing the QMS system on PPTG WPKL’s portal.

Members are advised to schedule their presentations on a timely basis to avoid incurring late presentation penalties.

Clarification on the Size of Identity Card (NRIC) For Presentation
The PPTG WPKL has clarified that whilst a photocopy of a NRIC need not be the exact same size as the original NRIC (as long as all the information stated in the photocopy of the NRIC is sharp and clear), an exact sized colour copy is preferred. Copies taken by a camera phone or processed through a mobile application is strictly not allowed.

Members may strike out/cross the NRIC but they need to ensure the information is not obstructed / smudged / affected. It is also preferred that both the front and back of the NRIC is contained in the same page.

Proposal Not To Re-Impose Full Presentation Fees After Rejection
For the time being, the PPTG WPKL is unable to agree to such a proposal and advised members to ensure all documentation is in order before proceeding with the presentation to avoid any rejection.

Overseas Attestation by Consulate Officers / Notary Public
PPTG WPKL requested members to prompt consulate officers / notary public to adhere with the requirements of the NLC, i.e. to use a black ink gel or fountain pen as usage of red ink will be rejected.

However, where attestation by a non-Malaysian Notary Public overseas is required, whilst executions and attestations should still be in black ink, PPTG WPKL will accept seals affixed in the red or blue ink.

Collection of Documents
PPTG WPKL requested that collection of processed documents be done on a timely basis.

Alvin Oh Seong Yew
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

Alden Yeoh Shuen Chun
Corporate & Conveyancing Practice Committee

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