Meeting between the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee and  the Administration of the Kuala Lumpur Courts on 2 July 2018

Meeting between the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee and
the Administration of the Kuala Lumpur Courts

Organised by the Civil Practice and Court Liaison Committee, a meeting was held between the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC) and the Administration of the Kuala Lumpur Courts on 2 July 2018 at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex. The issues discussed were as follows:

1.0 Air-conditioning issues at the KL Courts
The KLBC highlighted that many court rooms suffered from faulty or non-functioning air-conditioners.

The KL Courts Administration informed that currently 35 out of 84 court rooms have air-conditioning issues. It was disclosed that the KL Courts have recently been allocated a budget to overhaul the entire air-conditioning system at the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex which will be implemented by the Ministry of Works. This upgrading project is expected to take two (2) years.

2.0 Parking Issues
Upon discussing parking-related issues, the KLBC and the KL Courts Administration have agreed on the following:

2.1 Entry to the KL Courts’ Compound
Effective 15 July 2018, only cars with Bar Council’s stickers or car badge will be allowed to enter the Courts’ compound. Other vehicles including taxis and Grabcar will not be allowed in. The drop off/pick up area will be in front of the guard house.

2.2 Reminder not to park along both sides of the road leading to the en-trance of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex
This is a directive from the Fire Department (BOMBA) as cars flanking both sides of the road will be obstructing the entry of the emergency vehicles.

2.3 Motorcycle Parking
The KL Courts have agreed to relocate the motorcycle parking areas from the Lawyers Parking Area outside the Court compound (located on right side) to the Public Parking Area (located on the left side).

2.4 Proposal of Multi-Storey Parking
KLBC to revisit the proposal with the newly appointed Minister of Law.

3.0 Issues relating to Washrooms
KLBC raised the lack of maintenance, poor cleanliness and faulty facilities. The KL Courts informed the KLBC that there is a Court Subcommittee to monitor cleanliness of the Court Complex. They have requested for the washroom number, located on the right hand corner of each entrance door to the washroom (Please see the attached photo) to be provided for all complaints relating to washrooms. This will facilitate prompt identification and follow-up action.

4.0 No Smoking within the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex
Members of the Bar are reminded that the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex is a government building and gazetted as a non-smoking zone. Smoking is strictly prohibited and the Health Department will be conducting inspections from time to time. Person(s) caught violating this rule will be charged in Court.

5.0 Proposal for a Children’s Holding Area cum Changing Room
The KL Courts Administration welcomed the proposal and agreed to locate a suitable room for use by the public.

6.0 Faulty Court Microphones
The KL Courts Administration informed the KLBC that the Court interpreters are in charge of the working order of microphones. Lawyers should immediately notify the Court interpreters concerned should they find any microphone to be faulty to enable repairs to be effected immediately.

7.0 Case Management at Magistrates’ Courts conducted like a ‘fish market’
The KL Courts Administration conceded that the current situation is chaotic, this is due to the large volumes handled by the Magistrates’ Courts. It was agreed that both parties will continue to engage and find a solution to alleviate this unsatisfactory situa-tion.

8.0 Other Issues
Other issues discussed in the meeting included the following:
• Need for improved cleanliness of the Court’s cafeteria stalls
• Feedback from members that the Court’s general line frequently went unan-swered
• Requests for Court’s Notes of Evidence, Grounds of Judgment to be provided within 1 or 2 months of the date of decision/judgment
• Court’s website to be updated with current sitting Judges

9.0 Court’s Request for Lawyers to bring their own CD – INTERIM
The KL Courts are facing a shortage of CDs. As an interim measure until fresh stocks arrive, lawyers are requested to bring brand new CDs for CRT requests.

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