Meeting between the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee and E-Kehakiman Team on 6 July 2017

Meeting between the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC) and E-Kehakiman Team on 6 July 2017 at 2:30pm at Bilik Melati, Level 6, Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, Kuala Lumpur

Issues raised by the KLBC
1. Numbers issued for filing at the Service Bureau (200 per day)
We were informed that 200 is the maximum capacity for the Service Bureau’s staff to complete the filing for the day starting from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Currently, one legal firm is only allocated two numbers which would allow the firm to file up to 10 documents.

2. Extend and increase the staff at the Helpdesk
Omesti informed that they currently have 13 staff manning the eight telephone lines (including five engineers). They have also installed the auto voice responder should all lines be busy and the attending staff is unable to immediately take the calls.

3. Training
Omesti is unable to have additional trainings as they are in the midst of launching the EK2 for other states.

4. Token Counter at the KL Court
Augmented (the vendor that provides the token) would be unable to set up such a counter as they need to verify the identity of each applicant through JPN (IC) and the validity of their PC (Bar Council) as well as their current Firm.

5. Service Bureau
Currently the service bureau would remain in operations but soon will only cater to the members of the public as law firms are expected to file their cases online. For urgent endorsements, lawyers may see the Registrar of the Subordinate Courts at Counters 6 and 7. Lawyers may also contact Tuan Abdul Hakim, details below, to ascertain the Registrar in charge for other Divisions of the Court (eg Lower Courts/Criminal Courts).

Tuan Abdul Hakim bin Ab Keram @ Ab Karem
Tel: 03-6209 4438

6. Reduce the scanning charge
EK2 Team replied that all charges are set by the Finance Ministry.

7. Inbox
If any message is deleted, it is permanently deleted. There is no retrieve function. EK2 Team agreed to put up a prompter before deleting and a copy to be retained in the “Trash Can”.

8. Court Minutes
The procedure to apply for Court minutes via the e-filing portal is unclear. We sought clarification on whether the lawyer would need to contact the Registrar in person / via phone / e-mail / letter to obtain approval. The Court clarified that they would approve the application via the e-filing portal. The Director of the KL Courts promised that the officers would be reminded on this matter. Should no response be received, the lawyer may contact the Managing TP of the relevant Division.

9. File Search
EK2 Team will look into the issue of the faulty timer which resets to 00:00 without completing the 30 minutes. EK2 Team will also look into cases with identical suit number in different Courts as there is no option to choose.

10. Notice of Appeal
Regarding the payment of the deposit which cannot be done online, EK2 Team will revert on this.

11. Criminal Matters
The Criminal Registry will allow lawyers to file their documents at the service bureau for the time being if they bring a CD. For urgent matters, please contact Puan Farah Azura binti Mohd Saad for the EK2 (Criminal Division).

Issues raised by the e-Kehakiman Team
1. Migration to 100% efiling by 2018
The EK2 team cautioned the KLBC to inform members that the Courts would be fully online and lawyers would have to adapt and follow suit as all filing will then be done online.

2. Harassment at the Service Bureau Counter
The SAR raised that some lawyers/runners were very aggressive and harassing their staff at the counter. Details will be forwarded to KLBC for further action.

3. Notice of Appeal in respect of Criminal Cases
Lawyers to file the appeal online. The EK2 Team suggested that the Notice of Appeal be prepared in soft copy in advance so filing can be done promptly (within the same day).

4. Filing of Civil Cases
The SAR informed that the Registry encountered a high volume of civil cases filed by lawyers using the wrong codes. The Courts implored lawyers to be careful and follow the Chief Registrar’s Practice Direction No. 6 of 2013 regarding the codes. Click here for a copy of the Practice Direction.

Goh Siu Lin
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

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