Mary Tan | Retirement as Executive Director of Kuala Lumpur Bar
Mary began her career as a clerk with the Selangor Bar in 1977 which was subsequently renamed to the Selangor and Federal Territory Bar Committee in 1979 where she spent the next 15 years.

She was instrumental in the establishment of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Secretariat which commenced operations in July 1992. Upon its establishment, she oversaw the growth and expansion of the Kuala Lumpur Bar Secretariat from its humble beginnings of just 1 person (yes, her) to its present size of 12 staff.

During her tenure with the Kuala Lumpur Bar, she has served with 16 Chairmen and has overseen numerous projects including the setting-up of the first KL Bar Website, the first KL Bar Publication of RELEVAN, the Annual Dinners, Bench and Bar Games, the Annual KL Bar Run, various Charity events as well as the KL Bar Annual General Meetings.

With her extensive years of service, she has been a source of guidance and/or reference for every incoming Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee member. Her wisdom in dealing with issues and problems associated with the Secretariat is both practical and priceless. She is truly admired and respected by many.

Little wonder that Mary has come to be synonymous with the Kuala Lumpur Bar Secretariat.

Mary will be retiring from the Kuala Lumpur Bar on 31 October 2021.

We would like to honour and thank Mary for her service and we would like to record our sincere appreciation to Mary for all her contributions and dedication to the Bar over the last 44 years. She is the longest serving staff of the KL Bar Secretariat.

We would like to compile some accolades and tributes from Members to be presented to Mary. If you would like to contribute, please send your well wishes and tributes to

We would also like to congratulate Melissa Dass on her appointment as the Executive Director.


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