KLBC Circular No 003/2020 | Mobile Numbers Of Judicial Officers Strictly For Communication Regarding Cases Or Issues Pertaining To Court Matters During MCO

Circular No: 003/2020
Date: 16 April 2020

Dear Members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar,

We refer to all previous Notifications issued by the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee where the personal contact details of Judicial Officers including their mobile numbers have been shared with Members for the strict purpose of communicating with the Judicial Officers during MCO regarding cases or issues pertaining to court matters.

It has come to our attention that some Members have added these Judicial Officers into WhatsApp Groups without their consent. Such acts may be viewed as an abuse of the Judicial Officers’ trust in sharing their personal mobile numbers with us.

We ask that all Members that need to communicate with these Judicial Officers to do so whilst maintaining decorum and courtesy. In the event, if we receive a formal complaint from the Judiciary, we will have no choice but to make further inquiries into the matter and take the appropriate action.

Further, it is also important to note that only Members of the Bar should call or liaise with the Judicial Officers and, we assert again, that decorum and courtesy must be maintained at all times.

Thank you.


Harleen Kaur (Leena)
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

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