KLBC 2024/2025 – Honorary Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Opted Member And Sub-Committee Chairpersons

Circular No: 040/2024
Date: 11 March 2024


Pursuant to Section 73(vii) of the Legal Profession Act 1976, the KLBC has co-opted Faez Abdul Razak who will be co-chairing the Corporate & Conveyancing Practice Committee.

  1. Corporate & Conveyancing Practice Committee
    C-Chairperson: Vivek Sukumaran
    E-mail: vivekananda.contact@gmail.com

Co-Chairperson: Faez Abdul Razak
E-mail: Faez.AbdulRazak@WongPartners.com

Dear Members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar,

Further to our Circular No. 033/2024, we are pleased to inform you that the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee [“KLBC“] for the term 2024/2025 assumed office after the Kuala Lumpur Bar Annual General Meeting on 29 February 2024.

At the KLBC’s first meeting on 8 March 2024, the new KLBC appointed the Honorary Secretary of the KLBC pursuant to Section 70(6) of the Legal Profession Act 1976 and a Treasurer to monitor, amongst other things, the financial affairs of the KL Bar.

For the term 2024/2025, the KLBC’s Office Bearers are as follows:-

I. Honorary Secretary

Nimalan Devaraja

II. Treasurer

Rajsurian Pillai

9 Sub-Committees were set up for this term and the following KLBC members were appointed to chair the individual Sub-Committees:

  1. Civil Practice & Court Liaison Committee
    Co-Chairperson: Nimalan Devaraja
    E-mail: nimalan.devaraja@gmail.comCo-Chairperson: Shugan Raman
    E-mail: sr@shuganco.comCo-Chairperson: S. Saravana Kumar
    E-mail: sara@rdslawpartners.com2. Corporate & Conveyancing Practice Committee
    Chairperson: Vivek Sukumaran
    E-mail: vivekananda.contact@gmail.com

    3. Criminal Law Practice Committee

    Chairperson: Rajsurian Pillai
    E-mail: surian.law.firm@gmail.com4. Gender Equality & Diversity Committee
    Co-Chairperson: Tay Kit Hoo
    E-mail: kithootay@gmail.comCo-Chairperson: Brenda Rangithan
    E-mail: brenda.rangithan@gmail.com

    5. Professional Development Committee
    Co-Chairperson: S. Saravana Kumar
    E-mail: sara@rdslawpartners.com

    Co-Chairperson: Thulasy Suppiah
    E-mail: thulasy@suppiahlaw.com

    6. Social Committee
    Co-Chairperson: Shugan Raman
    E-mail: sr@shuganco.com

Co-Chairperson: Brenda Rangithan
E-mail: brenda.rangithan@gmail.com

Co-Chairperson: Sathya Sinnappan
E-mail: sathyasinnappan@gmail.com

7. Sports Committee
Co-Chairperson: Sathya Sinnappan
E-mail: sathyasinnappan@gmail.com

Co-Chairperson: Shugan Raman
E-mail: sr@shuganco.com

8. Young Lawyers & Pupils Committee
Co-Chairperson: Rajsurian Pillai
E-mail: surian.law.firm@gmail.com

Co-Chairperson: Ooi Jia Liang
E-mail: ooijialiang@gmail.com

Co-Chairperson: Tay Kit Hoo
E-mail: kithootay@gmail.com

9. Legal Aid Centre (Kuala Lumpur)
Chairperson: Morhaneraj Rajakumar
E-mail: morhanlaw@gmail.com

Thank you.

Alvin Oh Seong Yew
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee 2024/2025

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