KL Bar Run 2024 On 21 January 2024 – Event Programme

Dear Runner,

Happy New Year 2024.

First of all, we thank you and your team for supporting and participating in the KL Bar Run 2024.

We have about 300 teams, totalling 1,200 runners registered for KL Bar Run 2024.

We are sending you this email to set out the important information for the upcoming KL Bar Run 2024 this Sunday, 21.1.2024.

A. Event Programme

A1. The KL Bar Run 2024’s Event Programme will be as follows:

B. Kepong Metropolitan Park and Parking

B1. The event will be held at Metropolitan Park, Kepong located at Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, 6, Pavement, Taman Metropolitan Kepong, 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

B2. Use Waze to drive to Kepong Metropolitan Park DBKL Car Park, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur: Click here.

B3. The Park is on the left of the main road (Jalan Lingkaran 2) and the main entrance to the Park is through the main gate. There will be RELA officers to direct you to the entrance and to the parking bays.

B4. There is a multi-storey carpark located in the Park and can be accessed through the Park’s front entrance through the main gate. There will be RELA officers to direct you.

B5. If the multi-storey carpark bays are filled-up, there are also public parking spaces at the side of the road around the Park perimeter. There will also be RELA officers to direct you.

B6. Given the number of participants for KL Bar Run 2024 as well as the public runners, please note that the parking spaces are limited.

B7. You are therefore encouraged to car pool with your team members and/or utilize any ride-sharing services in view of the limited parking spaces.

B7. You are advised to arrive early at the venue.

C. Collection of Baton and Running Bibs

C1. Team Captains or the authorised representatives of the team must collect their running bibs and team baton between 5:30 a.m. – 6:30 a.m., BUT NO LATER THAN 6:30 a.m., at the registration counter located directly opposite the stage and next to the Start/Finish Area.

C2. Each team will be given a baton in the form of a Plastic Gavel/Baton with a timing chip attached to it.

C3. Each runner will have a running bib with the Team’s Number. For example: Team 6001 will receive 4 running bibs – 6001A (1st Runner), 6001B (2nd Runner), 6001C (3rd Runner) and 6001 D (4th Runner).

C4. Each runner will also have a KL Bar Run 2024’s tattoo sticker together with the bib.

C5. It is essential to run in the sequence of runners in accordance with your registration especially if you are competing for the Challenge Trophies. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.

D. Start/Finish Area & Change Over Area & Passing of Baton

D1. 1st Runners of each team shall assemble at the Start/Finish Area at 7:00 a.m.

D2. Each subsequent runner shall be on standby behind the Cones and proceed to the Change Over Area when the team’s number is called out by the emcee and/or when the team’s preceding runner is sighted within 100 metres from the Change Over Area.

D3. Any passing of baton out of the Change Over Area is NOT allowed and will lead to disqualification of team.

D4. Please do not obstruct other teams’ subsequent runners and cooperate accordingly.

D5. We have only ONE Timing Mat, which is located at the START/FINISH Line. Each runner shall cross the timing mat ONCE with the baton and the 4th runner will cross the timing mat TWICE (after taking over from the 3rd runner and after finishing his or her leg of the race).

E. Marshals & Safety

E1. There will be Marshals (in WHITE Tee with KL Bar Run 2024’s logo) stationed along the running route to ensure safety, security and to avoid cheating.

E2. Please alert our Marshals/Crew immediately if you are feeling unwell or uneasy.

E3. There will be several paramedics located strategically throughout the running route so as to assist you in the event you are feeling uneasy and/or unwell.

E4. In the case of Covid-19, please be responsible. Anyone who has a body temperature exceeding 37.5 degree Celsius or has any Covid-19 symptoms or is tested positive for Covid-19 just before the event should not participate.

E5. Hand sanitizers are available for use and can be found at the event tents/canopies.

F. Food and Beverages & Photowall

F1. There will be a food & beverages station located at the far end of the registration counter.

F2. Both isotonic drinks and mineral water will be made available to all runners.

F3. Food and light refreshments such as nasi lemak, curry puff, watermelon, soft serve ice cream will be served during the race.

F4. Please note that soft serve ice cream will be served starting from 7.30am.

F5. Please keep the surroundings of the Park clean at all time and littering is strictly prohibited. Please pick up your own rubbish, empty water bottles and dispose it at designated rubbish bins around the area.

F6. Other than the stage, there will also be a Photowall located near the stage for photography purposes. Please be considerate and be quick with your pictures.

G. Finishers’ Pack

G1. The Team Captain is responsible to return the baton with the timing chip attached to the collection counter and to collect four (4) Finishers’ Pack.

G2. Each Finisher Pack will contain (i) one (1) finisher medal; (ii) one (1) finisher tee; and (iii) other sponsored vouchers, brochures and items.

H. Results & Disqualification

H1. Your team results (name of runners and timing) will be published on KL Bar Website and KL Bar Run Facebook Page once finalised.

H2. The master list will contain particulars (name of runners, team name and timing) of all other teams participating in this event.

H3. Any Participant who commences before the actual start time of the race OR does not fully complete the route will be disqualified.

H4. A team who does not start within 10 minutes from the flag off time will be disqualified.

H5. It is essential to run in the sequence of runners in accordance with your registration especially if you are competing for the Challenge Trophies. Failure to do so will lead to disqualification.”

H6. Results as determined by the KL Bar Run Race Committee will be FINAL and no appeal will be allowed. No disputes will be entertained.

H7. KL Bar Run Race Committee reserves all rights to disqualify any team whose member/members are found to be cheating, refusing to adhere to the Rules and Regulations and/or in any way behaving in a manner which the KL Bar Run Race Committee in its absolute discretion finds to be offensive or inappropriate.

I. Trophies and Prizes

I1. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the following:

(a) Top 10 fastest team;
(b) Top 10 individual male;
(c) Top 10 inividual female;
(d) Top 5 individual male (veteran category for 40 years old and above);
(e) Top 5 individual female (veteran category for 40 years old and above);
(f) Top 3 best dressed teams.

I2. The prizes for podium winners include cash vouchers/gift cards from Running Lab, Lululemon, Harvey Norman and Decathlon, VNest hampers and Goodr sunglasses.

I3. The teams who win the Champions, First Runners-Up, Second Runners-Up, Third Runners-Up, and Fourth Runners-Up Trophies may, at the discretion of the KL Bar Race Committee, keep the Challenge Trophies up to one (1) month before returning the same to the KL Bar Secretariat.

I4. For the first time, the KL Bar Run will have a Lucky Draw event after the prize giving ceremony. We are happy to announce that there will be 25 prizes to be given out which include cash vouchers/gift cards from Lululemon, Harvey Norman, Decathlon and Jaya Grocer, Garmin vivoactive 5, Apple airpods (3rd generation), Apple airpods (2nd generation) with charging case (2019), Apple watch SE 2023 Aluminium case with sports loop, one night stay in Deluxe Room at The RuMa Hotel & Residence with 2 breakfast as well as Goodr sunglasses.
I5. So don’t rush home. Stay on. You might get lucky!!

J. Care2Run
J1. We are collaborating with Care2Run – an outdoor activities-based, 1-to-1 mentoring volunteering programme which focuses on working with underprivileged, high-risk and under-served children/youths with different learning challenges like Austin, Attention Deficit Hyper-Active Disorder, Bipolar, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia – in an effort to assist the programme and the children.

J2. There will be 12 teams of children (totaling 48 children) from Care2Run (sponsored by Zairina Loh & Wong) participating in the event.

J3. Care2Run will set up a booth on the event day for sale of some items to sustain their programme.

J4. Do bring along your spare cash to contribute. We are counting on your BIG HEART to make this collaboration a success! Lastly, do motivate and encourage these children on event day.

Please relay this information to your team members if their email addresses are not used for registration.

The KL Bar Race Committee reserves all rights to amend any of the rules and regulations, with or without prior notification to you, and to determine the final results of this event.

We hope you and your team are all ready for the KL Bar Run 2024.

See you on Sunday, 21.1.2024 at Kepong Metropolitan Park.

Yours faithfully,

Alvin Oh Seong Yew
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

Alvin Oh Seong Yew
Sathya Sinnappan

Sports Committee

Kevin Wong
Soo Siew Mei

KL Bar Cross Country – Convening
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