Invitation To Serve The Criminal Law Practice Committee

Circular No: 062/2021
Date: 31 March 2021

Dear Members of the KL Bar and Pupils-In-Chambers,

The Criminal Law Practice Committee (“CLPC”) for the term 2021/22 is calling for volunteers to serve on the committee which has been established to:

  • Engage and maintain continuous communication with the Kuala Lumpur Criminal Courts, the Attorney General’s Chambers, enforcement authorities and other relevant stakeholders for the betterment of the administration of criminal justice;
  • Set in place guidelines to enhance the practice of criminal law in the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • Deal with complaints of members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar in relation to their criminal practice in the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • Expend efforts to eradicate touting at the Kuala Lumpur Courts;
  • Expose and encourage young lawyers to participate in criminal practice by conducting and organising talks, seminars, workshops and criminal practice mentoring programme.

If you are keen to serve, click here.

Notice of 1st Meeting

The CLPC will be having its first meeting for the term 2021/22 as follows:

Date: Thursday, 20 May 2021
Time: 4:30 pm
Venue: TBC

Kindly revert by 21 April 2020.

Kind regards,
Vivekananda Sukumaran
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

Collin Arvind Andrew

Criminal Law Practice Committee

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