Invitation to join the Professional Development Committee

Dear Members of the KL Bar and Pupils-In-Chambers, The Professional Development Committee (“PDC”) for the term 2020/21 is calling for volunteers to serve on the committee which has been established to:

• Develop and implement Professional Development programmes for members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar. It offers members and pupils, through its various programmes, an opportunity to fortify their legal knowledge and updates in the legal developments in their area of expertise. This would include programmes designed to ensure that pupils and members are equipped with all relevant skills to meet the challenges of this competitive industry;

• The PDC is also designed to inculcate and imbue the importance of professional development so as to ensure the overall objective of career development and advancement;

• To develop training and delivery skills for members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar who are interested to be speakers for the PD programmes or as speakers or trainers for other programmes as an extension of their professional practice.

• The PDC will assist in organising programmes for members in order to have sufficient avenues to collect CPD points, in light of the CPD Scheme.

We will schedule 3 to 4 meetings for the term and members will be required to attend at least 2 meetings.

If you are keen to serve, click here.

Kind Regards,

S. Saravana Kumar
Professional Development Committee

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