We trust that members of the KL Bar would have all received our first e-blast sent on 15.12.2011 on the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC)’s proposal to increase the annual subscription by RM25-00. Click here to view the proposal. As pointed out in the proposal, a Motion to increase the annual subscription to RM125-00 will be tabled at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the KL Bar on 23.02.2012 and we once again would urge members to support the Motion.

The past and current KLBCs have been managing the finances of the KLBC prudently and responsibly and have taken many measures to keep cost and expenses at a manageable level and at the same time making efforts to generate non-subscription revenue to sustain its many activities. Some of the cost-cutting measures and non-subscription initiatives are set out below:

Cost-cutting measures:

  1. Starting in 2009, the Annual Report was produced on CD Rom with limited hardcopies being provided at AGMs and that has saved the KLBC approximately RM25,000-00.
  2. In 2010, the AGM was moved from being held at a hotel to Wisma MCA and all subsequent AGMs were held at the new venue. The change of venue has cut down the cost for holding of AGMs by approximately RM15,000-00
  3. In the past 5 to 6 years, hardcopy circulars/notifications were slowly phased out and today, circulars/notifications are sent via e-blasts, website and other free social media networks such as facebook and twitter.
  4. Increasing the usage of e-mail e.g. all receipts and subscription certificates are now sent via e-mail.

Non-subscription initiatives:

  1. Collaborations with corporate bodies and private institutions such as CrimsonLogic, LexisNexis, Amanah Raya Berhad, Celcom, DiGi, Microsoft Malaysia to name a few.
  2. Opening up the KL Bar Website for advertisements and providing eAdvertisements service.
  3. Securing funding/co-sponsors to organise events e.g. Climate Change Forum, IT Forum and Annual Dinner & Dance.
  4. Selling of booth space at Annual General Meetings.

All these efforts which are ongoing and together with the revenue collected from BC Box rental have, over the years, helped to defray the expenses for running the many activities and events for members of the KL Bar. The KLBC will continue to implement further measures to increase its non-subscription income but the imminent loss of more than RM100,000-00 from BC Box rental will certainly make it difficult for the KLBC, not just to maintain its level of activities but to also embark on new projects. An increase in the annual subscription is therefore needed. But not wanting to burden members, the KLBC is only seeking an increase of the annual subscription of RM25-00, a figure enough to cover the impending loss of the revenue from the BC Box rental. We believe that it is a reasonable figure which members are able to accept and will vote in support of at the AGM.

Thank you.

Brendan Navin Siva
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee 2011/12

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