Dear Members of the Kuala Lumpur Bar,

The Civil Practice and Court Liaison Committee takes this opportunity to remind and to request members to be mindful of court decorum, etiquette and courtesy whilst practising the law.

1. Members must be punctual. In the event a member is inadvertently delayed, please inform the other party’s Counsel or the Court Interpreter.

2. Members/Masters should brief their Pupils-In-Chambers or junior associates thoroughly prior to instructing them to attend Court for matters and take particular note of the fact of the restrictions applicable upon a Pupil-In-Chambers i.e.

a) upon obtaining the ‘Short Call’ Order, a Pupil-In-Chambers will merely have locus to appear before:
i. a High Court Judge or a Registrar of the High Court, in Chambers;
ii. a Sessions Court Judge or a Magistrate, in Chambers;
iii. a Registrar of the Subordinate Courts,

to mention a case, including entering judgment in default, or to apply for bail or to take a consent judgment or order; and

b) that three (3) months following the date of the Pupil-In-Chambers’ ‘Short Call’ Order, the Pupil-In-Chambers may appear:
i. in chambers in the High Court and the Subordinate Courts; and
ii. before any Magistrate in an open court

to conduct any cause or matter (contested or not).

3. When mentioning on behalf of another party’s solicitors, please ensure that you have adequate information such as common free dates, et cetera.

Thank you.


Harleen Kaur (Leena)
Nizam Bashir
Civil Practice and Court Liaison Committee

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