The Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee (KLBC) has felt it timely to join the chorus of the environmentally-conscious and those who care, in expressing serious concern over greenhouse gas concentrations (derived from excessive carbon emission) through industries, transportation, deforestation and settlements, which by slow degrees are surely altering the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere, if left unattended by the world’s nations.

The net effect of this problem is enough to cause climate change and its severe environmental fallout.

Given that this is an area of international concern, already felt and amplified through extreme weather conditions such as rising sea levels, inundation, storm surge, erosion and other coastal hazards, it is not surprising that The United Nations has recently warned that tens of millions of people living in the world’s biggest cities are highly exposed to “mega disaster.”

In view of the magnitude of the problem that concerns humanity, KLBC has taken the initiative as part of its social responsibility on the local front, through its Environmental and Humanities Committee (EHC) to raise consciousness of every segment of society on the dire implications of the climate change issue.

KLBC calls on its legal fraternity in particular and public in general to rally behind the Kyoto Protocol (a protocol to the United

Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) aimed at fighting global warming so as to prevent dangerous interference with the climate system. For our survival, the next International Agreement on Climate Change must be strong, actionable and effective in preventing dangerous climate change. Our Prime Minister has already made a commitment in Copenhagen to reduce carbon emission. We call on him to introduce effective laws to achieve this.

Dated this 18th day of October 2010


Anand Ponnudurai
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

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