Updates on the Implementation of the E-Filing System

Updates on the Implementation of the E-Filing System

Further to the report on the implementation of the e-filing system published on 08 March 2011, kindly take note of the following updates:

1) Briefing sessions

There will now be two (2) briefing sessions every Tuesday and Thursdays, at 3.00pm and 4.00pm respectively. The venue of the briefings has been moved from Level 7 to Bilik Anggerik at Level 6.

2) Roaming IDs

The cost of purchasing a Roaming ID from MSC Sdn. Bhd. is RM40.00 per year and not RM50.00 per year as previously reported.

3) Manual counters for cases filed prior to 01.03.2011

The manual counter for cases filed before 1.3.2011 is Counter 12 located at Level 1.

4) Enquiries/extraction of draft Orders

For enquiries and extraction of draft Orders for cases filed before 2010, kindly proceed to the Civil Counter at Level B1.

For enquiries and extractions of draft Order for cases filed in 2010 and later, kindly proceed to Counter 12 at Level 1.

Syahredzan Johan
KL Bar Information Technology & Communications Committee