UPDATE NO. 7 : Implementation of the E-Filing System in KL Courts

This Update supercedes Update No. 6.

Further to a meeting between the Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee and the Judiciary on 16 November 2011, it has been agreed that members of the Bar are to communicate directly by email to the respective Registrars should they encounter any difficulties or delays in the extraction of their drafts or documents for cases that have been registered or in the event they encounter any other difficulties or issues pertaining to the e-filing system.

In respect of the Kuala Lumpur High Court, members may contact the following Registrars:

(a) Puan Hamidah Mohd Deril 03-6209 4073

(b) Tuan Nazri Ismail 03-6209 4148

(c) Tuan Mohd Faizal 03-6209 4873

In respect of the Kuala Lumpur Subordinate Courts, members of the Bar may now contact the respective Registrar in charge of each filing code in the KL Subordinate Courts. Click here for the list of Registrars of the KL Subordinate Courts whom members may contact in respect of the filing and extraction of documents in accordance with the assigned Codes and Digits. Members may email directly to the Registrar in charge and copy the email to Puan Ong ( and Puan Dora ( for their further action. Members are also advised to inform these officers should there be no response from any of the Registrars to their enquiries.

Further, members who encounter problems in the filing of documents at the KL Subordinate Courts whether via online from their offices or via the Service Bureau, may email or request to see Puan Ong or Puan Dora to resolve the problems.

Please email us at and if you encounter any problems or have any queries that are not satisfactorily answered or resolved by adopting the approach above.


Brendan Navin Siva
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee