UPDATE NO. 3 : Implementation of the E-Filing System in KL Courts

(a) The EFS Online portal application process – Scan Associates Bhd and MSC Trustgate Sdn Bhd have been requested to expedite the application process for the Organisation Certificates and Roaming IDs and to deal with the issues pertaining to each law firm application in a timely and expeditious manner. If you are having issues with the application process, please email Scan Associates Bhd at and copy the email to

(b) Internet banking for payment of filing fees – CIMB has developed a mechanism for online payment from corporate accounts and this will be ready on or after 16 May 2011. Law firms that wish to open a bank account with online payment capabilities for the purposes of e-filing may contact CIMB at 1300 888 828 and mention that you wish to discuss opening or converting a bank account for the purposes of e-filing. Other banks are due to offer similar services in the near future. We will inform members of this soon.

(c) Matters filed with a Certificate of Urgency will be proceeded with initially by way of hard copies due to the urgency. Members who are filing matters which require urgent attention should contact the Duty Registrar and explain the urgency or contact Puan Hamidah (KL High Court) or Puan Ong (KL Lower Courts).
Brendan Navin Siva
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee