UPDATE NO. 2 : Implementation of the E-Filing System in KL Courts

The two main items we are working on after the meeting on Monday are:

(a) The EFS Online portal application process – We have informed the service provider that a more user-friendly explanation and illustration of how to apply for and use the EFS Online portal must be prepared for the benefit of members. We have met up again with Formis and SCAN Associates Berhad and we have gone through some of the steps on how to simplify and clarify the process of application for members. We will meet up again with SCAN Associates Berhad next Monday, at which time they have informed us that they would have reviewed the materials and come up with a more user-friendly guide or step by step manual and they will look into placing all application forms, guides, etc on the E-filing website.

(b) Internet banking for payment of filing fees – a crucial part of the E-Filing system using the EFS Online portal is payment of filing fees online. Presently what is envisaged is payment using e-banking or internet banking. The issue is that all law firm bank accounts are regulated strictly by the Solicitors Accounts Rules, 1990. The issues inherent in this must first be examined and discussions must first be held with the respective Banks to ascertain how to move forward with this. This has been conveyed to the Judiciary.

Some further information for members:

(i) The service provider is looking into setting up a booth in the lobby of the KL Court complex for submission of application forms for the OCs and Roaming IDs. This would mean members can have their application forms checked before submission and members need not have to deliver their application forms directly to SCAN or MSC Trustgate;

(ii) The Roaming IDs are individual and must be applied for by an individual lawyer. The Roaming ID is required for the said lawyer to digitally sign the cause papers being filed. The Roaming ID is not transferable, i.e. if the said lawyer leaves the employment of the law firm, a new Roaming ID must be applied for by the law firm.

(iii) The Organisation Certificate (OC) is applied for by the law firm. It is the certificate that allows the law firm to perform the e-filing from the law firm’s computer. It is also non-transferable.

Please email us at and if you encounter any problems or have any queries that are not satisfactorily answered or resolved by the helpdesk.


Brendan Navin Siva
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee