Uncollected Certified True Copies of Letter of Administration/Probate

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

Below is the reproduction of a notification received from the Selangor Bar Committee dated 15.07.2013 for your information.

Please take note.

H R Dipendra and Arunachalam Kasi
KL Bar Civil Practice Committee

15th July 2013

Re: Certified True Copies Of LA/Probate Not Collected

Dear Members of the Bar,

On 12.7.2013, we were informed by the Shah Alam High Court that some law firms who have paid for the Certified True Copies (“CTC”) for the LA or Probate, have yet to collect it from Court, even though it has been processed and ready to be collected.

These are payments made for the CTC of the LA/Probate for the Year 2010 till February 2013.

Click below are the list of the law firms concerned, case number and date of payment for the Year 2010 till February 2013.

CTC list

To collect the CTC of the LA/Probate, members are advised to see the Court Clerk Puan Azean within 14 days from 15.7.2013 and to bring along a letter of authorization for the purposes of collecting the said CTC of the LA/Probate as these are important documents.

Thank you,

Vishnu Kumar
Selangor Bar Committee