Notification from Conveyancing Practice Committee

Updates from Conveyancing Practice Committee:

1.   Wilayah Land Office
The Wilayah Land Office had improved some of their operations which are as follows:-

i.    Registration of Charges
Effective from 02.11.2009, registration of charges for landed properties will only take 2 working days
(provided all documentations are in order)

ii.    Storage Charge to be imposed for Documents not collected by the Lawyers
A storage fee for the uncollected documents will be imposed on the  law firm in the event the said
documents remainuncollected after 1 month notification been sent to law firms.

iii.   Rectification to documents
Any rectification on the duly presented documents must be done by Lawyer who attested the said
documents AND notany staff/runner of the law firms.

iv.   Suspended Presentation
Lawyers must come in person to rectify/make amendments within the specified time not the

v.    Notification by email
WLO will notify law firms that their Titles are ready for collection by email. Firms are devised to update
their email address at the Wilayah Land Office as soon as possible

vi.   Damaged Strata Titles
Damaged Strata Titles will take about 6 months to be reissued. However for urgent basis, WLO will try
to issue within 4 months.

2.   E-Stamping by Stamp Duty Offices
The Committee had various discussions with relevant parties resulted the Stamp Duty Offices in Kuala
Lumpur had agreed to accept adjudification manually as well as online.

3.   Petaling Land Office
The Petaling Land Office had informed that they will be improving some of their operations such as;

i.     Law firms can collect the duly registered title within 2 weeks to one month from the date of presentation.
ii.    Consent to transfer and consent to change can be obtained within 2 weeks from the date of application
iii.   The Validity of the official search is extended to 14 days instead of 7 days.