Notification by the Conveyancing Practice Committee

KL Bar Conveyancing Practice Committee had received numerous complaints on the issue of the Wilayah Land Office’s requirement of submission of a copy of the attesting lawyer’s Practising Certificate (PC) for registration of Memorandum of Transfer (MOT) only.

During a meeting with the Director of the Wilayah Land Office on 30.11.2010, this issue was raised and discussed. Both parties had agreed that attesting lawyers no longer need to submit a copy of their Practising Certificate (PC). Lawyers need only to use the current solicitor’s rubber stamp (that is presently being used for submissions at Shah Alam Land Registry which carries the Lawyer’s BC No.). However, lawyers must also endorse the firm’s rubber stamp with full address next to the solicitor’s attestation. This will take effect immediately.

Warm Regards,
Nurul Muhaniza Binti Hanafi
Conveyancing Practice Committee