Notes of Meeting between the Wilayah Land Office and KL Bar Corporate and Conveyancing Practice Committee (CCPC), Bar Council Conveyancing Practice Committee (CPC) and SBC Conveyancing Practice and SRE on 7 August 2014

Issues raised by the KL Bar:

1.  Counter Service 

CCPC raised the issue of the problem on service counters specially on end of year when high volume of documents submitted to the Wilayah Land Office causing lawyer to come and queue up as early as 4:00 am in the morning.

CCPC also give 3 suggestions for the problem;

  1. Add more counters during these peak period
  2. Open counters during the weekend
  3. Extend the operating time for the counters (i.e to 5:00 or 6:00 pm)

The WLO replied that they can only consider the first suggestion i.e. adding more counters. As the other 2 suggestions are not possible as the WLO is bound by the Finance Procedure/System of the government that all collections to be done by 4:00pm and to be deposited within the same day.

2.  Telephone Calls to the WLO was not answered

CCPC informed the WLO that members are complaining that most of the time, telephone calls to the WLO remain kept ringing but no one answered the calls.

WLO informed that they have upgraded their telephone system recently and such problem should have been rectified. Previously there were lines which was not connected to any phones/person. 4 additional lines had been added from 4 original lines. There are currently 8 lines set as auto attended lines.

Meeting was also informed that the WLO general line (03-2610 3300) received numerous calls and at one time may receive up to 30 calls.

WLO advised that lawyers contact the Officers in charge instead of calling the general line. List of contact being upgraded and available at

3. Rectification/Correction on the Document of Consent 

WLO had issued a notification that starting from 1 April 2014, any rectification/correction to the document must be done within 5 working days.

CCPC requested that the time be extended to 14 days.

WLO agreed to the request – 14 calendar days.

WLO also clarify that the Consent process with these statistics;

  • As at 4 August 2014 WLO had received 2,000+ applications and had processed 800+.
  • FIC applications will take about 11 weeks (i.e. 3 months)
  • For Strata Properties processing will take about 2 months

Landed Properties processing is 1 month.

4. Outstanding issues on the Power of Attorney

WLO informed that they will only investigate an application if the Registrar in charge found the document to be suspicious. It would be considered as case to case basis.

Issues raised by the Wilayah Land Office:

1.  Online Status Checks

Lawyers may check the status of the application online via 2 ways:

i.  E-Semakan

(for smartphone/mobile -

(for desktop/PC  -

ii.  SMS

Type PTGWP SERAHAN send to 15888

(RM0.20 chargeable per sms)

2.  Online E-Consent Application w.e.f. 1 September 2014

WLO will fully implement the online E-Consent through the PTGWP website and manual application will no longer be accepted.

Lawyers to type in all relevant data online then bring the hard copy to the WLO to submit/make payment.

WLO agreed that E-Consent Briefing will be held upon request from lawyers.

3.  Email address

WLO requested that all lawyers and law firms that had registered under the Biometric System to update the WLO of their email address. Notification of the status of documents will be sent by email.