Notes of Meeting between the KL Bar Civil Practice Committee and the Administration of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex on 4 July 2014.

Issues raised by the KL Bar:

1. Clarification on the Parking within the KL Court Complex by Lawyers

KL Bar seeks clarification on how lawyers are allowed to park within the KL Court Complex (at the open parking located on the right wing) as there were complaints that some lawyers car are allowed entry whilst some are not.

The Courts clarified that any car with the BC car sticker will be allowed to enter and park within the KL Court Complex provided there are empty parking lots.

Parking area for lawyers were strictly at the open parking area at the right wing. Parking in any other area are strictly prohibited.

2. Security Guards not allowing entrance due to improper dressing

KL Bar received a complaint from lawyer that security guard stop her from entering the Court Complex by stating that she was not following the dress code.

KL Courts agreed that the security guard may give advice to guests that they should dress properly but not stopping them from entering the Courts premises.

KL Courts also urged the KL Bar to inform members that they should follow the dress code whenever they come to office. Members of the Bar should be in proper office attire as such needed whenever one conduct business in a government office.

3. Taxis and Dropping Off at the foyer

The KL Bar requested that Taxis be allowed to drop off at the front of the Court’s Building.

The KL Courts agreed that all taxis and cars will now be allowed to drop off their passengers in front of the Courts Building (near the flag poles). A security guard to be stationed at the area at all times to ensure the traffic flows.

Cars and taxis are allowed to go through the foyer if it was raining.

4. Ramp at the Right Wing Car parking area

KL Bar requested the KL Courts to build a ramp to ease the handicapped entrance from the right wing car parking area.

5. Water wastage and broken taps/flushes in the bathrooms

KL Bar informed that members’ complaint that they were instances that the bathroom in the KL Courts Complex has broken flushes and taps. These caused water wastage as water kept running non-stop.

KL Courts replied that some bathroom was vandalised; and if lawyers found anything not working properly to report it immediately to the admin office. A complaint form may also be found online at the Kehakiman website (penyelenggaraan)

Issues raised by the Kuala Lumpur Courts:

1. To reduce Energy consumption

KL Courts requested that the Bar Room to take precaution and to practice minimum energy consumptions.

2. No Smoking in the KL Courts Complex

KL Courts request the KL Bar to inform members that smoking is strictly prohibited within the KL Courts Complex.

To date, the Health Department enforcement agency had come to the KL Courts three (3) times and had issued summonses. More rushes will be organised throughout the year.

3. Runners to park their motorcycles properly

KL Courts requested KL Bar to inform the lawyers and asked their runners to park their motorcycles in their proper parking areas.

4. Pupils who had not been short-called appearing in Court

The KL Courts informed that there are instances where pupils who has not been short called attended Court’s matters on behalf of the firm. KL Courts requested the KL Bar to inform the master that should not be done so.