Notes of Meeting between KL Bar CCLC and KL Subordinate Courts on 09.11.2009

Attended by:

Puan Hasnah Binti Dato’ Mohammed Hashim

Tuan Mohd Zaki Bin Abdul Wahab

Puan Azizah Binti Mahamud

Puan Ong Wee Ching

Puan Nurul Husna Binti Awang

Tuan Che Wan Zaidi Bin Che Wan Ibrahim

KL Bar Committee/ CCLC representatives:

Mr Anand Ponnudurai

Ms Reggie Wong

Ms Jennifer Chandran

Ms Norhayati

Complaints from members received regarding the implemented Tracking System thus far were raised during the discussion.

Pursuant thereto we were informed that the new system will be retained. However the Court is adopting the following steps to improve the said system:-

(a) To ease the congestion the Session Courts mentions and case management will be conducted at the 3rd Floor from 16.11.2009 (we will forward the court circular in respect of the same upon receipt from the Court). Magistrate Court mentions will continue to be heard at the current location. There will be more registrars appointed to hear the Magistrate Court matters;

(b) A QMS system (similar to the system that have been implemented for the High Court) will be implemented in the Lower Courts. Lawyers are then required to key in the information into the system and upon all parties present the said case will be called up. They plan to implement the said system on 16.11.2009 for the Session Courts and for the Magistrate Courts by December 2009;

(c) There will be a counter dedicated only for cases where the lawyers just want to obtain a next mention date;

(d) There will be forms similar to the High Court to be filled by the lawyers/pupils-in-chambers prior to appearing before the registrars;

(e) The judges and senior assistant registrars will be present to help out if necessary; and

(f) The court is considering staggering the hearing times at the Sessions Civil Court 1 to reduce the waiting time of lawyers in respect of interlocutory matters; and

(g) The courts are also looking into the possibility of increasing telecommunication coverage at Basement 1.

Jennifer Chandran


Subordinate Courts Unit

Civil Court Liaison Committee