No Smoking within the KL Court Complex

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

The KL Bar Civil Practice Committee (CvPC) recently held a meeting with Puan Al-Baishah Binti Hj Abd Manan, the Director of the KL Courts which ensued the following outcome:

No Smoking in KL Court Complex
The KL Court’s Director advised that the KL Court Complex is a non-smoking zone as gazetted in respect of all government buildings. The KL Courts will be enforcing the non-smoking rule and will invite the health officer to conduct raids and summon offenders soon.

Parking Issues
The KL Court’s Director indicated with regret that there have been lawyers who parked their cars indiscriminately, that is, at the flag pole area and the rear parking bays (which is allocated for the DPPs).

Dress Code for Female Lawyers
The KL Court’s Director pointed-out that there were instances where female lawyers were seen dressed inappropriately i.e. wearing too short skirts, wearing coloured and/or sleeveless blouses without the proper jackets.

Members of the Bar are urged to follow the dress code not only while appearing in Open Court or in Chambers, but also whenever within the KL Court Complex.

H R Dipendra and Arunachalam Kasi
KL Bar Civil Practice Committee