New terms related to rental of robes and other items from the Bar Room

Dear Members,

Please note that due to overwhelming demand for robe rental and certain members’ failure to return the robes on time, the KLBC is making some changes to the rules and regulations related to rental of robes, bands, bibs, ties etc. Kindly take note as these changes take effect immediately.

1) We regret to inform all pupils that due to the limited number of robes kept in the Bar Room which are meant for use by members of the Bar in emergencies only, the robes will no longer be made available for use by pupils for their Admission to the Bar. Pupils are advised to make alternative arrangements to obtain robes for their Admissions to the Bar.

2) Robe rental will be at RM10-00 per day. However, a deposit of RM50-00 will be imposed for each robe. The deposit less the robe rental will be refunded upon return of the said robe in the same condition it was borrowed. If the robe is damaged or badly stained/soiled, a fee will be charged for repair and/or dry cleaning.

3) In view of the limited number of robes available, we seek the cooperation of members of the Bar who borrow the robes to return them immediately after use on the same day. Any member who fails to return the borrowed robe on the same day for any reason whatsoever will have to pay a daily rental of RM10-00 for the number of days the robe is held by the member. If a robe is held overnight, the member will be charged rental for 2 days irrespective of the time the robe is returned the next working day.

4) Other items that are available at the Bar Room for rent, at RM5-00 each per day are bands, bibs, jackets, white shirts and ties. The same terms and conditions for the use of the robes apply to all the other items. However, the deposit for bands, bibs, jackets, white shirts and ties will be RM20-00 per item.

5) Items may only be borrowed by members of the Bar who will be required to sign upon borrowing and upon return of the said item. The receipt must be retained for refund of deposits less any rentals.

6) For items lost or severely damaged, the said member will be charged a fee for the replacement of the lost/damaged item. The prices for the replacement of lost/damaged items are:

  1. Robe – RM360-00
  2. Band – RM30-00
  3. Bib – RM45-00
  4. Jacket – RM250-00
  5. White Shirt/Blouse – RM50-00
  6. Tie – RM30-00


Ravinder Singh Dhalliwal
Honorary Secretary
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee