Latest Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code – Pre-Trial Conferences

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

Kindly take note that the latest amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code have come into force on 1.6.2012. The Ketua Unit Pendakwaan Kuala Lumpur (KUP KL) has requested that in compliance with the Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) provisions in the new amendments, all criminal law practitioners are requested to assist in the PTC with the KUP WP office as follows:-

(a) Upon appointment to act for an accused person in the Subordinate Courts, members are advised to write immediately to the KUP KL office informing of their appointment with particulars of the case and their client’s details.

(b) If members appointed appear in Court, please leave your business card or particulars with the relevant DPP or Court staff so as to enable the DPP to have particulars to contact the respective counsel directly.

Both the above are to facilitate the KUP KL office to contact the respective counsel to fix the PTC meeting either at the KUP KL office, Bar Room at the respective Courts, in the respective Court itself or any other place agreeable by both parties.

Please take note of the above.

Amrit Pal Singh
KL Bar Criminal Practice Committee