Important Update from the KLBC Criminal Practice Committee: Jinjang Remand Centre

The KLBC Criminal Practice Committee had met with the Police officers from the IPD Sentul on 24 July 2015 to discuss, amongst other issues, the issue of lawyers’ access to their clients/accused persons at the Jinjang Remand Centre before the commencement of their client’s remand proceeding.

The decision reached is as follows:

Meeting the accused person 

A lawyer appointed to act for any individual directly (Non YBGK cases) who wishes to meet his/her client to obtain instructions prior to the commencement of the remand hearing must first fill up the “Borang Reman” and then handing the same form over to the officer in charge of the lock up for access.

Lawyers are advised to be at the police station/remand centre early if they intend to have access to their clients before the commencement of the remand proceedings.

Click here for a copy of the ‘Borang Reman’.

Only in the event a lawyer is unable to get access to his/her client after filling up and handing over the said ‘Borang Reman’, the lawyer may then contact the officers listed below (according to their respective division) for assistance.

Head of Criminal:
DSP Ishak 012-277 5679 / ASP Stephen Ganeson 016-376 7390

Head of Narcotic:
DSP Hngh  012-344 1111

Head of Commercial:
ASP Syukri 016-685 6543


Lim Chi Chau
Criminal Practice Committee