Important Notification from the KL Courts: Case Management Date w.e.f. 12.02.2014

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

The Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee has received a notification from Tuan Mohd. Faizal Bin Ismail, Senior Assistant Registrar, Commercial Division (EFS Service Bereau), dated 21 February 2014 stating that commencing from 12 February 2014, the KL Courts will no longer endorse the date for Case Management on the Writ Of Summons. Members are advised to refer to the Cause List section in the efiling portal ( when extracting the Writ Of Summons. The Case Management date will be listed there.

Click here for a copy of the notification.

Please note that the Courts did not give us any forewarning nor have the Courts given us any explaination for this change. We will be following up with the relevant officers in charge soon.

H R Dipendra
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee