Feedback on Matters Arising at the Kuala Lumpur Courts

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

KL Civil Court Liaison Committee (CCLC) is planning to have a meeting with the KL Court Officers and Judiciary soon.

We are currently compiling feedback and comments that members may need us to raise at the said meeting.

Some of the issues that have already been highlighted to CCLC are as follows:
1. Subordinate Courts moving too fast;
2. Striking out of matters for technical non-compliance and/or misinterpretation of the Rules of
3. Lack of proper space for file searches to be conducted;
4. Proper manual/procedure for file searches (current procedure time consuming);
5. No-smoking policy not strictly enforced at the KL Court Complex;
6. Problems relating to the E-Filing System (EFS); and
7. Rejecting of filed documents without grounds/explanations.

Please e-mail us with specific details (as such date, time and name of Court Officer/staff, etc) if you have any complaints that you would want us to raise. Members’ suggestions and comments on any other issues pertaining to the KL Courts are also welcomed.

Kindly send your suggestions, comments and complaints to Yati at latest by Monday, 22.10.2012.

Warm regards,
Ravin Singh
KL Bar Civil Court Liaison Committee