Feedback on Issues related to Judges’ Conduct in Selangor

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

Below is the reproduction of the notification received from the Selangor Bar Civil Law Court Sub-Committee dated 10.12.2012 for your information

Please take note.

Brendan Navin Siva
KL Bar Civil Court Liaison Committee

10th December, 2012

To All Members of the Bar,

Re: Feedback on issues relating to Judges’ conduct

The Selangor Bar Committee will be addressing various issues and problems relating to the conduct of Judges in Selangor, directly to the authorities in Putrajaya. We therefore request lawyers to inform us of any complaints or concerns relating to any High Court Judge, Sessions Court Judge, Magistrate and Registrar in Selangor, on any matter relating to judicial conduct including poor exercise of discretion, interference with proceedings, unfair conduct, being rude etc.

We urge lawyers to provide specific instances and examples, preferably with details of the case including the case number, date of hearing and what transpired in court. Please note that without these details it is very difficult to address these problems effectively. However the case number as well as the name of the lawyer or law firm will not be disclosed without prior approval from the said lawyer/law firm.

Members are requested to revert on or before 31st December 2012, by fax (03- 55199037) or e-mail (

Thank you.

Vishnu Kumar
Civil Law Court Liaison Sub-Committee
Selangor Bar Committee