Dear Members of the KL Bar,

Below is the reproduction of a notification issued by the Selangor Bar Committee dated 21 June 2011 for your information.

Kindly take note.
Brendan Navin Siva
Kuala Lumpur Bar Committee

Dear Members of the Bar,

Please take note that the e-filing system will be operating in the Shah Alam High Court (Civil) from 1st July 2011.

The e-filing system will be implemented for fresh cases only i.e. new cases filed on or after 1st July 2011, and currently limited to fresh cases filed in the Shah Alam NCvC High Courts for codes 21, 22, 22A and 23 only.

Therefore all cause papers in relation to fresh cases for these codes must be filed using the e-filing system.

All other fresh cases will continue to be filed under the manual filing system, though take note that e-filing will eventually be implemented for all fresh civil cases in Shah Alam.

Cause papers for all older cases, i.e. all cases which commenced before 1st July 2011, will continue to be filed under the manual filing system and will not be subject to e-filing.

E-filing provides two options for filing of cause papers.

The first option is to bring the cause paper (either in hard copy or CD/DVD) to the e-filing counter set up in Level 3 of the Shah Alam Court Annex, where the cause paper can be scanned/downloaded and filed electronically by the court staff at the counter. Currently there will be no charges for using this counter. There will be a Registrar, a representative from Formis (the service provider) and ushers on hand to assist with the filing.

The second option is to subscribe and utilise the e-filing portal. This option enables members to do online filing from the office. Members need to ensure that their computers are equipped with the relevant software, purchase a Digital Certificate for the firm (Organisation Certificate – RM1,500.00 every 2 years) and an Individual ID for the lawyer (Roaming ID – RM50.00 every year) as well as ensure that the firm has internet banking facilities. To use the e-filing portal, members are advised to visit the website and view the step by step guide at the ‘Getting Started’ section. The website further explains in detail the PC requirements and carries the application forms for the Certificate and ID.

If there are any queries or issues on the e-filing system, kindly speak to the following Registrars, namely Puan Tasnim Binti Abu Bakar and Puan Sarulatha Paramavathar from High Court Shah Alam.

Members may further contact the Selangor Bar Committee with your issues and concerns on the e-filing system in Shah Alam, either by fax (03- 55199037) or e-mail (

Thank you.

Kanarasan Ghandinesen
Selangor Bar Committee