Conveyancing Notification: PTGS Application Forms to be in English

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

Below is the reproduction of a notification received from the Selangor Bar Committee dated 17.05.2013 for your information.
Please take note.
Amir Bahari and Chong Wai Kuan
KL Bar Corporate and Conveyancing Practice Committee


17th May 2013
Dear Members Of The Bar,
Re: Forms To Be In English 
It has been brought to the attention of the Selangor Bar Committee that the Pejabat Tanah Dan Galian Negeri Selangor (PTG Selangor) is rejecting certain forms prepared in Malay language, such as the form entitled ‘Application for Registration As Representative’ under paragraph 51(o) of the Selangor Land Rules 2003.
Selangor Bar Committee has raised this issue with the PTG Selangor and its legal adviser.  We were informed that in order to avoid confusion, PTG will only accept forms which are prescribed in the Selangor Land Rules 2003 in English language as they were published in English language and have not been translated/published in Malay language.
Pending the resolution of this administration issue and to avoid presentations being rejected, members are advised to adopt those prescribed forms in the Selangor Land Rules 2003.
 Kindly take note.
 Thank you.
 Vishnu Kumar
 Selangor Bar Committee