Code of Practice on the Prevention and Eradication of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (the Code)

To all members of the KL Bar

In recognition of the need to provide a safe and healthy working environment free from unwanted harassment and intimidation of a sexual nature, the Malaysian Bar had at its 59th Annual General Meeting, endorsed and adopted the Code (click here for a copy of the Code).

2. This was followed by two (2) circulars (No. 125/2006 and 54/2007) issued by the Bar Council notifying members of the adoption of the Code and the endorsement of a complaints mechanism.

3. The KLBC urges law firms to take the initiative to implement in-house mechanisms within your law firms and to continuously remind your lawyers and employees that they are entitled to such protection. These include, inter alia:-

(a) a policy statement prohibiting sexual harassment in the organisation;
(b) a clear definition of sexual harassment;
(c) a complaint/grievance procedure;
(d) disciplinary rules and penalties against the harasser and against those who make false
(e) protective and remedial measures for the victim; and
(f) promotional and educational programmes to educate the company’s employees.

4. In the interim period, if there has been any breach of the Code, any pupil or lawyer could also lodge a report to the Chairman of the Kuala Lumpur Bar. Complaints will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

5. The KL Bar Practitioners’ Affairs Committee in collaboration with the Association of Women Lawyers (“AWL”) will be scheduling talks to raise educational awareness amongst the members of the KL Bar on Sexual Harassment and the Code.

6. In the near future, we intend to publicise on our website a list of law firms who have adopted the Code and have implemented such in-house mechanisms
Goh Siu Lin
KL Bar Practitioners’ Affairs Committee