Audio Conferencing Procedure in the KL Court

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

Below is the reproduction of the Audio Conferencing Procedure furnished by the Managing Deputy Registrar (TP) of the Civil and Commercial Divisions of the KL High Court.

Kindly take note.

Warm Regards,
Pushpa Ratnam
Civil Court Liaison Committee

OCvC (Original Civil Courts)
Managing TP: Puan Fatimah Rubi’ah Binti Ali

1. The audio conferencing is suitable for the 1st pre trial case management and the 1st return date of the interlocutory applications where parties are in the midst of exchanging affidavits.
2. Once the Court has identified the files, the Court will issue a notice together with a form for counsel’s consent.
3. If the counsel are agreeable to audio conferencing, they have to fill the form and fax over the form to the Court within 3 days. The Court will then schedule the case for audio conferencing.
4. If the Court did not receive the form within the prescribed time, the case will be treated as normal where the presence of the counsel is required.

NCvC (New Civil Courts)
Managing TP: Puan Siti Noraida Binti Sulaiman

1. The Judge will select which case is suitable for audio conferencing.
2. Once the file has been selected, the Registrar of the respective Court will then contact the legal firm concerned to get the mobile number of the counsel in charge of the file and fix a date suitable to the parties.
3. The Court will then fax over a letter to the legal firm concerned confirming the date and time scheduled for audio conferencing. The audio conferencing will be before the Registrar.

OCC (Original Commercial Courts)
Managing TP: Puan Hamidah Binti Mohamed Deril
– Same as OCvC –

NCC (New Commercial Courts)
Managing TP: Puan Manira Binti Mohd Nor

1. For existing cases, on the 1st case management date before the Registrar, the Registrar will inquire as to whether the attending counsel are agreeable to the audio conferencing. If the counsel are agreeable, the Registrar will fix a date and time for further case management via audio conferencing.
2. For new cases, the Court will issue a form annexed together with the writ for extraction. If the counsel are agreeable to the audio conferencing, they have to fill the form and fax it over to the Court within 7 days from the date of acceptance of the form.

General Procedure on the Audio Conferencing
1. Both parties have to agree to use audio conferencing.
2. If parties are agreeable to audio conferencing, the Registrar will get the mobile numbers of both counsel.
3. The Registrar will then schedule the conference call and inform the counsel. Once a conference call has been scheduled, both counsel will receive an SMS from the Maxis server informing them the date, time and case number.
4. On the date scheduled for the conference, the system will automatically call the 3 parties involved, i.e. the Court and both the counsel for the plaintiff and defendant at the scheduled time.
5. If the counsel disagree with the audio conferencing, cancellation can be made by giving 1 day notice before the scheduled time.
6. In the event that one counsel turns up in Court, the call will be on loud speaker.
7. In the event that the call is not picked up, the system will keep trying (10 minutes). Failing which, another date will be scheduled.
[This discretion varies between the different Courts]
8. The scheduled time for the audio conferencing is 20 minutes or more.