Application for Consent to Transfer (Schedule 17) for Properties with Strata Titles Only w.e.f. 09.01.2012

Dear Members of the KL Bar,

The KL Bar Conveyancing Practice Committee had been notified that the Wilayah Land Office had issued a circular, that, commencing from 09.01.2012, the Wilayah Land Office will only accept applications for transfer of properties (where strata titles are involved) that had been issued with Strata Titles only.

Applications using the Master Titles are no longer needed except for first transfer by the developer and applications by foreigner/foreign company.

Be further notified that all applications for consent for transfer with regard to restrictions under Schedule 17 by a foreigner/foreign company must be made together with Schedule 18 (Application Form for foreigner/foreign company to own property).

For any enquiries and/or further information, please email to

Please click here for a copy of the circular.


Warm regards,
Agnes Chan Kim Hong
KL Bar Conveyancing Practice Committee